- [FIX] added 1801 to able to set provid
- [ENH] you can now exclude from crccwcheck with DISABLECRCCWS_ONLY_FOR: 0500:030B00,032830,043800,043820,050F00 (same syntax like oscam caid:provider,provider;caid;caid), to show the REMOTE DISABLED CWC CAIDS in correct format with provid and caid UPDATE RECOMENDED.
- [FIX] 1708,1709 half nulled DCW fix for lines
- [FIX] 1708,1709 for cache lines too, please don't forget to skip checksum test for this caid
- [CLN] Removed the club link because no more online support
- [FIX] all input field's like <select text input textarea> the whole page by refresh will not be updated till they on focus
- [ENH] added favicon to webif so no more error in console of browser because of missing
- [ENH] added search funtion to all the Pages where could be useful
- [FIX] Fix the username and password for cacheex now it can contains #$%^& and other chars as well ( please read the multics.cfg file for more Info )
- [ENH] if you move your mouse over the Debug Log Window, the Update of Log will stop, until you move your mouse out of Log area (like in Oscam)
- [FIX] cs378x keepalive fixed CS378X KEEPALIVE: YES after port